With a combined experience of 20 years in the sport

Our goal is to improve the quality of education available worldwide and share the joy and wonder that BASE has given us. In sharing our knowledge and experience, we hope to make everyone's experience safer and more fulfilling.

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With more than 3000 BASE Jumps, spanning 4 continents, 24 different countries, and almost all 50 US States, you could not choose a better team to start your journey

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The one school for learning EVERYTHING wingsuiting, BASE jumping, and living life in the great outdoors. Let us guide you through your journey


Going into the FJC with scotty and Julia brought some interesting challenges being a larger person in the BASE world (6'6 and 245 lbs) but they took a bunch of measures to secure gear for me to use and make sure it was as safe as possible, I learned more in this course than I even imagined I could going into it, and the whole time was a blast, I dont think any other course could have been so perfect for myself, they went far out of their way to hook me up, help me order gear and answer every question I could think of, absolutely recomend this course to anyone looking to do an FJC!!

Taylor Stewart

First BASE Jump Course

Base with the bobs is the best way to get into the sport. From getting measured to all the pre-course instructions to the low instructor to student ratio I’d do it all over again.

Kevin Su

First BASE Jump Course

Learn from the best if your life is worth it! It’s easy to be the best at the dz, or even in your country, but the Bob’s brings world level expertise in all aspects of BASE to the table, plus that extra value of heaps of coaching and teaching experience.

Dave Rhea

Europe 1st Terminal Tracking Course

Scotty and Julia both are made for what they do! Couldn’t thank them enough for my first base course! Will definitely get with them in the future for more advanced training as well! Both on a professional level! Highly Recommend getting with the Bobs for your first base course! thank you guys so much for everything!

Dylan Oden

First BASE Jump Course

Julia and Scotty were great coaches, I learned a lot and definitely recommend them to start in the Base environment. From the beginning they helped me set the logistics and prepare the course, with packing proficiency and canopy drills in a skydiving environment. They prepared me through the course to be a responsible Base Jumper and assess every jump. Having completed 15 jumps during the course and 2 by myself, I feel super stoked and happy of this new experience and family. Also a mention to my teammates, all of them humble and skilled skydivers, I am glad we shared these days together.
A big hug!! I am looking forward to jumping with all of you again soon!!

Vincent Salinas

First BASE Jump Course



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