BASE Jumping

First Wingsuit BASE Course

Think you are ready to take flight? Join Julia and Scotty Bob in Brento, Italy (or elsewhere) for your first Wingsuit BASE experience!


  • Minimum 200 BASE jumps
  • 300 wingsuit skydives
  • Approval Required

what to expect

  • Mountain weather conditions
  • Pre flight checks
  • The Exit
  • Flying techniques
  • Controlling airspeed for deployment
  • Malfunction procedures
  • Calculating glide
  • Rock drops, lasers & 3D mapping/ flysight



Location : Contact Us

Price : $2800

Duration : 4 days

* (Course Deposit is 20% after approval, and then the rest will be collected on first day of course. (Paypal, Venmo, or Cash) *Non-Refundable

Course Calendar

We don't currently have First Wingsuit BASE Course on the schedule. Contact us to be notified of upcoming courses


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