BASE Jumping

Europe 1st Terminal Tracking Course

Want to take BASE to the big mountains? Join Julia and Scotty Bob in Brento, Italy for your first Terminal BASE experience!


  • Completed FJC
  • Minimum 50 B.A.S.E. jumps
  • Significant skydives in your tracking suit

what to expect

  • Introduction to Slider Up
  • Running Exit
  • Big wall tracking technique
  • Subterminal Start Arc
  • Safety
  • Multiway
  • Object Assessment
  • Weather Conditions
  • Decision Making
  • Self Progression



Location : Contact Us

Price : $2800

Duration : 5 days

* (Course Deposit is 20% after approval, and then the rest will be collected on first day of course. (Paypal, Venmo, or Cash) * Non-Refundable

Course Calendar

We don't currently have Europe 1st Terminal Tracking Course on the schedule. Contact us to be notified of upcoming courses


Learn from the best if your life is worth it! It’s easy to be the best at the dz, or even in your country, but the Bob’s brings world level expertise in all aspects of BASE to the table, plus that extra value of heaps of coaching and teaching experience.

Dave Rhea

Europe 1st Terminal Tracking Course


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