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Julia and Scotty are some of the worlds most travelled active BASE jumpers on the planet. Their experience ranges the globe with intimate knowledge of weather, jumps locations, ccess routes, and prime accomodations. Let them plan a trip for you, taking your experience and skills into account. Progress your skills with the two of them and get the full experience the world has to offer.


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Snow capped mountains surrounding crystal blue fjords. Norway offers some of the biggest vertical tracks in some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire world. If you are looking to progress your terminal skills while enjoying the rugged nature and magnificent hikes, Norway is the place for you. Featured jumping sites: Kjerag, Romsdallen, Loen, Kathhammer, Gudvangen, and more.


American Southwest/ Moab

The Southwestern United States has some of the most unique legal landscapes for subterminal jumping around. Desert jumping is one of Scotty and Julia's specialties. With a long list of legal objects spanning Arizona, California, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico, let them show you what the U.S. has to offer. Featured jump areas: Moab, Superstition Mountains, Phoenix, Colorado River Valley, Notch Peak, and MANY more.

September - April

European Alps/ Italy

Come join Scotty and Julia on some of the most iconic Alps jumps in Switzerland, France, and Italy. With over a decade of Alps time, the Bob's will know which jumps are right for you. From Lauterbrunnen to Lago di Garda, let them show you the way. Featured jumping areas: Lauterbrunnen, Brento, Italian Dolomites, Swiss Dam and MANY more.

May - October


Beaches, sun, cheap, slider off, tracking, wingsuiting...Brazil has it all. Brazil has no bad season...you can jump here all year round. Julia may even speak the local language ;) There may even be a 300 meter (1000 ft) waterfall hidden there too! Featured locations: Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Geras.



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