BASE Jumping

Brazil Big Wall BASE Course: January 2022 13-20 - 3 SLOTS AVAILABLE

Join Julia and Scotty for a 8 DAY CAMP in the Brazilian jungle playground located at Espirito Santo, with some of the best mountains in the world to jump all year around and progress on your terminal BASE jumping skills.  Short hikes, warm weather, great food,  and affordable prices for lodging and food.   


  • 50 BASE jumps
  • 350 Skydives
  • competency and currency on your selected tracking suit and wingsuit

what to expect

  • 3 - 7 jumps a day
  • short hikes, easy approaches
  • to progress in terminal BASE jumping with high amounts of repeatability



Start/ end Date : 13 - 20 Jan 2022

Location : Espirito Santo, Brazil

Price : $1900

Duration : 8


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